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Volvo History

Happy Birthday by Volvo should be considered April 14, 1927. That same day, they released their first car Jacob. It is believed that the company organized Gustaf Assar Gabrielsson and Larsen. For a while they worked together in the company SKF, which is engaged in the production of ball bearings. There they quickly understood each other as to the future which awaited engineering in Sweden. They also identified four basic criteria of the automotive industry in Sweden, and the ability to compete with the Americans. They believed that such criteria are well-developed industry, the low level of wages in Sweden, the Swedish stainless steel, and the need to manufacture passenger cars.

Volvo's first truck was released in the late 20s. While Cartage was much more important than road freight. Marine transportation and railways. Nowadays truck turned into the main trucks for transportation of various cargoes, which are essential to modern society could exist normally.

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In the 20s happened very rapid development of utility vehicles.

In 1928 was released ¬ęSeries 1". It was the first truck by Volvo and the first truck in Sweden, which had a fully enclosed cabin for the driver, pneumatic tires and drive through the propeller shaft.

It was not very powerful truck. Payload it was 1500 kg. But he had a very robust design. This truck've often carrying loads up to two times greater than that for which it was designed.

Up until 1932 the company was producing not very modern medium-and light trucks. Service brakes in these trucks were mounted on two wheels, spokes in the wheels were made of wood. It was clear that the country needed a more modern light trucks. Specialists of the company Volvo tightly to tackle this problem. The result was a series LV73 and LV71. These cars quickly gained popularity. We can say that these trucks have allowed the company in the mid 30's one of the main exporters of trucks.

After the release of this car developers decided that radically changed the design of the car. Truck engine, before settling down behind the front axle has been moved forward and upward. It is located directly above the front axle. Thereby the load axis was distributed more evenly. The result of this decision was the model and LV8 LV9. In the late 30s, these cars are already considered a classic Swedish trucks.

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