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In January 2005, the company made a scale model in clay and Tesla Motors now had 18 employees.

By the end of 2009, the company now had more than 500 employees. In January 2010, Tesla registered for the public offering of stock and sold 1000 Roadsters. After a few months, the company purchased NUMMI, a former GM and Toyota factory in California. In 2011, Tesla Motors began crash testing of its Model S and the company now had 1417 employees.

In 2012, the company after producing 2500 Roadsters, Tesla Motors ended production to focus on its new Model S. A month after, Tesla revealed a Model X Prototype a small SUV. In June 2012, the Model S was officially launched and the company now had almost 3000 employees. In 2013, Tesla Motors had to issue an expensive recall of 1000 Model S. Within a few months, the company opened a plant in Europe and by December 2013, Tesla now had 5859 employees and also managed to deliver plus 22,500 Model S in Europe and North America.

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