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Suzuki History

Company Suzuki, as well as Toyota, started out with no car production. First company produced looms. Plant for the production of looms was established in 1909 in the small village of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. Creator of the plant was Michio Suzuki. The company was named the Suzuki Loom Company. In 1920 the company passed the reorganization. She became known as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. Michio Suzuki became its first president.

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Manufacture of machine tools grew and developed very successfully. The company even managed to release such models, whose technical characteristics were significantly better Dutch and English machines. During that Suzuki was awarded government awards. But despite the fact that the machines were a great success, Suzuki decided to develop his own company and in other directions.

He decided to develop a small car. Work in this area began in 1937. Already in 1939, we developed several models of compact cars. These cars were equipped with four-stroke four-cylinder engines power 13 hp water-cooled. In those days it was a very bold decision.

But in a series of these cars never went. Ahead loomed the specter of World War II. The Japanese government has come to the conviction that civilian cars - this is a subject far essentials.


After the war ended, Suzuki again took up the issue looms. American occupation authorities at the time encouraged the import of cotton to Japan. Textile producers were ordering more and more equipment. Cases Suzuki went very well. Everything was fine until then, until 1951, the cotton market is not the crisis erupted.

Suzuki had to face great difficulties. He began to think again about the release of the car, or rather, motorcycles. The first development was the motorcycle Suzuki Power Free. The design of this bike was very original. Its equipped with pedals. They could be used to assist the engine.

This bike has been so successful that the government of Japan has granted Suzuki a subsidy in order that he could continue to develop. As a result, in 1953, was born motorcycle Diamond Free. It was installed two-stroke engine of 60 cm3. This bike has managed to win in its class motorcycling Mount Fuji Hill Climb. With him and began the history of the company in motorsport victories.

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