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History of Subaru car

His name brand owes China Kenji (Kenji Kita) - President FHI. When the car was designed by F-2, the president announced a competition for the best name. He was convinced that the Japanese car and the name must be the Japanese. It was suggested that a lot of names, but none of them failed to win the competition. Everything ends that China invented the name himself. That was the word Subaru. Translated from the Japanese language, it means "to gather together, to unite." In addition, this is the name of the Pleiades constellation (part of the constellation of Taurus). If you do not use the telescope in the constellation can see six stars (actually there are more than two hundred). Concern as Fuji Heavy Industries was formed just after the merger of six companies.

Subaru automobile brand that has become a major concern. Concern itself not only produces cars. There engaged in shipbuilding, railway, aviation equipment and many other questions.

History of Subaru begins its countdown of 1917. Just then a young engineer Chikuhi Nakajima (Chikuhei Nakajima), who was a true aviation enthusiast, organized in Nakagame Aviation Research Laboratory (¬ęThe Aircraft Research Laboratory¬Ľ). At the time, Japan did not exist as such aircraft. But World War I demonstrated all of its features. The result was the discovery of the laboratory Nakajima. In 1931, this laboratory was the aircraft manufacturer, and was named the Nakajima Aircraft Co., Ltd. During World War II aircraft from this company enjoyed great popularity. After Japan was defeated, to the Nakajima Aircraft Company were applied prohibitive and antitrust laws. It was renamed Fuji Sangye Ltd. Since that time, Japan could not have an army, the company started to manufacture gasoline engines, buses, motor boats. Talents and achievements of the company and have been used in these areas is quite peaceful. While the automobile manufacture as such in Japan did not exist. The predecessor of the Japanese cars can be considered a scooter Rabbit, which was released in 1946. With its creation were used aircraft spare parts left over from the war.

In 1950, the firm Fuji Sangyo was divided into 12 independent companies. Some of these enterprises have lived very long. But five of the most powerful enterprises of this firm are already in 1955 came together again. They created a company Fuji Heavy Industries. Later they were joined by one more unit. The firm has its headquarters in Hiroshima and began production of buses ene diesel motorcycles Rabbit, chainsaws and jet aircraft. Gradually, the company began to work more successfully. Already in 1954, the car was released Subaru 1500 (P-1). In this car the first time in Japan was used monocoque body structure. The car was very comfortable and have plenty of driving characteristics. But because of the financial problems associated with its production and sales, in the production, he never did. In the future, this development has played a very important role in the manufacture of models Subaru 360 and Subaru 1000

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