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Saturn Corporation - US company. Her specialization - production cars. The company belongs to the concern General Motors. Staff - apartment this company is in a suburb of Detroit. This young company. It was founded in 1984. But the company's first plant in Tennessee joined only in 1990. It was there that were initiated to develop cars station wagon, coupe and sedan. They attracted customers with affordable, economical and pleasant appearance. It is these indicators, as well as many others, have provided strong demand for cars of this brand. It should be noted that not everyone knows that the first car with an electric motor Electrical Vehicle 1 (EV1) of concern General Motors. It was released by Saturn. This electric vehicle can only be operated in several US states. These cars are not sold, they are only allowed in the lease. Electric was established on the basis of the concept car Impact. This car was first presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in 1990. The production version has been demonstrated only in 1996. But the initial version of it was left practically nothing. The project is interesting in that it was created from scratch. Issue EVs began in 1997. Of course, they had certain disadvantages. Energy reserve he was small. Naturally, this led to a small reserve. Developers had to pay special attention to the weight of the car. In order to make calculations as accurately as possible, had to be considered not in the usual American pounds ounces and grams in Europe. Became the basis for an electric vehicle frame made of aluminum. Her sheathed with plastic and composite panels. The designers were able to reduce the weight to 810 pounds electric. Stiffness is not affected. Much attention is paid to developers economy. Efficiency increased by about 65% due to the fact that the motor is activated when required, the power steering pump runs. Developers of all automotive companies, and companies have always tried to improve the aerodynamics of their cars. In this respect, the most optimal form in the drop. Therefore, the shape of an electric vehicle tried to approach this form. For this it was necessary to make a more narrow rear track. It is understandable why such an unusual vehicle appearance. Release of the second generation of electric vehicles began in 1999. But let him only until 2003. Then all the cars sold were confiscated from owners and recycled. In our time, survived only two copies of which are in the museum. At the same time, when the first electric car, cars were produced for the middle class S-series. Cars had a good design and quality. Were issued wagon, sedan and coupe. But they enjoyed far less popular than other cars General Motors.

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