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Rover History

Rover - the British company. It manufactures "Jeep" and cars. Brand, manufactured by this company - "Land Rover" and "rover".

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Company history begins in 1887. It was then that William Sutton and John Kemp Starley founded a factory for the production of bicycles. Since 1889 this plant began to produce cars. First it was a very simple model. The power of their engines was only 8 horsepower. An example of such a model can serve as a "Rover 8". Due to the fact that these cars were excellent technical characteristics, they are very well fed. In 1911 was presented sedan "Rover 12". It has been refined and attractive model. Thanks to this car company could enter the market middle-class cars. This car can reach a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

In 1918, the company has updated the car Rover 12. From now on, this version was called "Rover 14". Car "Rover 8" quite lost its popularity. In 1924 it was replaced by the model of "Rover 9/20." But this model did not have much success. Rover 14 car, too, it was time to upgrade. The company invites designer from Norway Peter Poppy. He developed a new model of the Rover 14/45 with a hemispherical combustion chamber and the engine with the upper shaft. But already in 1925, this car has been replaced by a new model 16/50 with motor larger volume. In 1929 he was made an update 9/20 model, which from the beginning was not very successful. This car was named Rover Ten.

  In 1928 was born the model Rover 16hp Light Six, which later became truly legendary. She developed all the same Peter Poppy. This car was very good engine. This car was able to overtake the legendary Blue Train - a train that while cruising through France - from the English Channel to the Côte d'Azur.

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