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Plymouth - an independent unit within the Chrysler Corporation, which existed from 1928 to 2001. Engaged in the production of passenger cars and minivans.

The first cars nёsshie brand Plymouth, left the assembly line in 1928. It was a whole range of inexpensive cars equipped with 4-cylinder engines and able to compete with similar "popular" brands - Ford and Chevrolet. Several outperforming competitors on price, "Plymouth" and thus had a fresh, technically advanced design - in particular, the hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical.

Brand logo is a stylized image of "Mayflower" - the ship, which arrived in America Pilgrim Fathers, dock at Plymouth rock.

In May 1929 at the Detroit plant was built to produce cars Plymouth. And already in 1930 Plymouth U model at a comparable price with classmates had the radio as standard equipment, a rare decision, not only for those days.

These and other competitive advantages have allowed Plymouth firmly occupy a place among the most popular US car manufacturers. In August 1934 came off the assembly line millionth «Plymouth».

As a model in 1942 the company introduced the Plymouth 14C with a spacious interior and automatic switching of lighting when the door is opened. Later, a model 15S, which served as the base for all the "Plymouth" until 1949.

During the Second World War, the factories of the company was carried out defense orders. Production of cars was resumed in 1945 (as a 1946 model year model). The first few years of the war years, famished for new vehicles the American public was not particularly picky. For several years, "Plymouth" sold even better, "Ford", which brought the brand to the second position in its price range.

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