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History of KIA

Initially, this Korean company was called «KyungSung Precision Industry». The main specialization of the company was to develop individual vehicles. In this period of its history the company created bicycle spare parts. The appearance of KIA is dated May 15, 1944. Abbreviation name literally translates as "their way out of Asia in the world." As of the 1952 Korea among the poorest Asian countries, so the bicycle production was considered very successful activity. Company KIA was very popular as a manufacturer of quality bicycles. In 1957, the company first released to the domestic market scooter. Then the masters of creating motorcycles and trucks on three wheels.

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  In 1965, the Korean company is entering the US market with their bikes. Four years later, the company grew and began producing trucks «Boxer» and «Titan». In 1981, the company ceases to residually produce motorcycles. Seeing the prospects of the automotive market, the Koreans, the focus and effort spent on the development of the car. In the beginning, it was a truck. In 1974, the Korean corporation acquires a license from Mazda and produces its first domestic car called «Brisa». It was equipped with an economy engine. In 1976 the company expanded with the acquisition of Asia Motors. The company produces and buses, and trucks, and cars. 80th year - the crisis period in the history of the company, from which only helped quit professional managers hired by the company. The company makes another turn in its development, which is marked by the production of commercial vehicles «Bongo». 1987 on the basis of the Mazda 121 manufactured budget car «Pride». The company is trying to develop, and to this end, to establish production of metal and opens up a number of research centers. The model number appears sedan «Concord» equipped with 2-liter engine and model «Capita 1" - 1.5 liters. By the early 90s the general situation of the company is stable and Kia Corporation declares itself on the European market. In 1990 there is a change of name to Kia Motors. This period was a real renaissance for the Korean automaker. Produce new models of machines, the international community recognizes the company opened several large factories in the US, Korea and Japan. 1995 saw the release of the model «Kia Clarus» having a sleek and low aerodynamic resistance coefficient.

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