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Samand - the first national car Iran, made Iran Khodro (IKCO) c using local parts. Along with the updated version, Peugeot Pars, Iran Khodro still produces Peugeot 405. Relations Iran Khodro with the French company PSA Peugeot Citroën began when they supplied engines XM7 (used in the Peugeot 504), along with the transmission on some models Paykan, which in its turn was based on the Hillman Hunter. IKCO produces 80% of the parts Samand domestically. Samand  is built on the basis of car Peugeot 405, currently uses the following engines: XU7JP / L3 (8 cl.) And TU5JP / L4 (16 cl.). Since 2007. IKCO uses developed their own dvutoplivnye engines (petrol + gas) for its new models. The German company Bosch has also shown interest in assembling the Iranian engine under license. In March 2006, on the territory of Russia began selling car «SAMAND».

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