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History of Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai Motor Company) - a South Korean company. It is engaged in the production of cars. The company's headquarters is located in Seoul.

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After the end of the Korean War in the country rapidly began construction. In the wake of the boom in December 1967 founded the company Hyundai Construction Hyundai Motor. Thus was the beginning of the formation of engineering and transport industries in South Korea. Originally, the company was known as the Hyundai project - design and shipbuilding firm. But in 1968t, the company begins production of automobiles.

The first car, which released the company was Ford Cortina MK I, manufactured under license. But already in 1973, was organized by the department of development, which was led by George Turnbull. In the first model, the company Hyundai used Japanese and British know-how and designer Giorgio Giugiaro contribution with his ItalDesign. It was a Hyundai-Pony 1.3, saw the light in 1985. This car was designed for the middle class. He immediately gained recognition in the Korean domestic market.

Exports of cars began in the late 70s. The company acquired a truly invaluable experience in overseas markets. In the 80 years the standard of living has risen so that the car is a symbol of prosperity and wealth has become simply a vehicle, what it should actually be. By the mid-80s the company Hyundai has gained a strong position in the US and Canada. Some models of the firm have been adapted to the requirements of export markets. But the company did not stop the development of new models.

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