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The company conducts its beginning in 1995. The company at the beginning of its development specialized in the production of batteries. In 2003 the company decided to open a branch for production cars with the name of Avto. In parallel with the development of the car, the company has been developing new technologies and techniques. The company tried hard to achieve success in creating high-quality internal combustion engine. BYD is working on hybrid unit. The company guided solely autocompanies experience of the domestic market, and was aimed only at the domestic market, the release of the world auto scene she was not even thinking. The company's engineers studied the technical achievements of their competitors and searched for flaws in their decisions. Then they implement their innovations.

The company set out to create a car with optimal comfort, strength and power. Were taken into account all aspects of the production machine, including its environmental friendliness, reliability and safety for the driver and his passengers.

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