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Located in the upper left of the toolbar visible through the windshield. V.I.N. consists of 17 symbols. First 3 characters define the country of origin, manufacturer and type of vehicle. 4 - defines the car line. 5 - the identifier of the series. 6 - body type. 7 - the engine. 8 - brake system. 9 - the control number. 10 - model year. 11 - factory. Last 6 characters - the serial number of the product.

BMW History

BMW history begins in 1896 with the founding of production of military vehicles. The ancestor of the factory was Heinrich Ehrhardt. In September 1898 was presented the first BMW to develop at an exhibition in Dusseldorf. It was a motorized coach called "Wartburg" Katori year later wins the race - Dresden - Berlin and Aachen - Bonn.

In 1903 Wartburg dies and BMW begins to experience a decline in production, the debts of the company grow quickly. However, one of the shareholders Ehrhardt assists and buys British license to manufacture the brand "Austin". In the future, cars off the assembly line BMW referred to as the "Dixi".

When the head of BMW becomes Karl Friedrich Rapp, begins renovations factories for the production of airplanes. With the outbreak of World War II BMW receives orders for aircraft engines. In 1916, the banker Camillo Castiglioni buys Rapp and share the company's budget rises to half a million marks.

July 21, 1917 "Bavarian aircraft plants RappĀ» (BFW - formerly the name of BMW) were finally renamed BMW Ā«Bavarian Motor Works." This happened at a company owned by an Austrian - Franz Josef Popp. BMW continues to specialize in the production of aircraft engines. However, it begins production of small two-cylinder motorcycle engines and then motorcycles. In 1923, BMW shows its first motorcycle BMW - R-32.

Before the Second World BMW forms its basic principles, which continue to operate today. Novelty, aggressive, athletic, youth - the basic concepts of its vehicles under the brand BMW.

After the defeat of the German BMW factories were in ruins. Some of the enterprises were exported to Russia, where he collected the car went to Moscow directly from the conveyor. Shareholders BMW have made every effort to restore production and in 1948 the company began to produce in Munich Motorcycle R-24, R-51 later, R-67, and then a sports R-68. In 1954, about thirty thousand people have motorcycles BMW.

In the fifties, BMW was experiencing great difficulties. Sales declined rapidly, and all debts were growing. Not lived up to expectations cars 503 and 507 series, produced for the US market. New developments and fresh advertising moves just did not bring much success. Broke out in 1959, the financial crisis nearly forced BMW to merge with Mercedes, but still managed to save the company. Manual BMW decides to produce cars of the middle class, and aircraft engines.

Among the new class of four-wheel vehicles becomes BMW 1500. This model has been an enormous demand managed to oust American cars of the middle class from the German market. In 1968, BMW produces younger model BMW 2500. In 1972, the assembly line goes BMW 520, now depending on the class of the machine it is assigned a serial number. Especially for athletes BMW in 1978 released the M1, and do not forget about the simple buyers starts production BMW 323i.

In the late '70s competition BMW and Mercedes start to grow strongly. In 1979, Mercedes promoting its new S-Class, which compete in the BMW seventh series were issued in 1977 could not be. The answer was the Munich BMW 728 which is fast enough to prioritize the domestic market. In 1982, the assembly line goes another model BMW 635 CSi, designed for fans of the sixth series. In 1989, the assembly line goes 8-Series BMW and the company finally enters the occupied territory of Mercedes cars "luxury" class. In 1996 began the renovation lineup seventh series. BMW 740i produces in the body E38. In this model, changes were made almost everything.

The end of the nineties has been very successful for BMW. A wide range of car models "five", "Seven", as well as the success of Z3, BMW did not give opportunities for respite. So in 1999 there is a new plant in the United States, and BMW begins to gain a niche SUV significantly surpassing the then leader of the Mercedes ML.

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