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Acura Integra Owners Handbook Instruction  SRS Manual 1994

Acura TSX Owners Handbook Instruction Manual 2010

Acura RSX (02-03) Service Manual

Acura TL_Manual_2004

Acura Fault Codes

ACURA VIN - Number Location

 ACURA 1991-97

 Located in the upper left of the toolbar visible through the windshield. V.I.N. consists of 17 symbols. The first three characters of manufacturer and his unit. 4-5-6 define the model and series. 7 - number of doors, and transmission type. 8 - additional equipment. 9 - the control number. 10 - (letter) model year. 11 - factory -. Last 6 characters - the serial number of the product.

Acura ILX

Acura History

March 27, 1986 was created Department of Concern «Honda Motors» in the US, called «Acura Automobiles Division». At the exit point mark Japanese cars have proven their customers reliability and economy, Honda now heads conceived to enter the market of prestigious, luxury cars, such as the European BMW, Volvo. new automobiles Legend sedan and sports coupe Integra should have as little as possible to associate with Japanese cars, have their own image, the difference between them and Honda products should have been obvious in the eyes of American consumers. The new company was created to emphasize the novelty of the idea, the updated value of the product to appeal to new buyers and connoisseurs. The new cars Honda relied on high technology, innovative engineering designs and impeccable quality and, traditionally, to meet all the wishes of the consumer.As a new brand logo chosen as a stylized letter A caliper image - a tool with which to measure accurately designed, apparently, cause us images of enthusiastic work of engineers and inventors, the mechanisms working as a clock, precise, calibrated lines of the drawings. A close look will notice and another amusing detail: the letter A has a gap at the top and if you look closely, instead of letter "A" we will see the letter "of H", a witty reference to the parent name «Honda».

Acura MDX

ACURA Line-up



2013–present ILX (compact sedan, successor to the Integra)

2000–present MDX (luxury SUV)

2006–present RDX (crossover SUV)

2013–present RLX (full-size luxury sedan, replaces RL)

2014–present TLX (mid-size sports sedan, replaces TL and TSX)

2017–present NSX (sports car, successor to 1st-gen NSX)

2017–present CDX (Luxury CUV)



2005-2011 CSX (compact sedan, replacement for the EL; only available in Canada, replaced by the ILX)

1997-2005 EL (compact sedan, replaced Integra sedan; only available in Canada, replaced by the CSX)

1986-2001 Integra (sports coupe and sedan, replaced by the RSX and EL)

2002-2006 RSX (sports coupe, replaced by the TSX)

1986-1995 Legend (luxury sedan and coupe, renamed RL for 1996)

1992-1994 Vigor (mid-sized sedan, replaced by the TL)

1997-1999, 2001-2003 CL (luxury coupe, discontinued after 2003 model year)

1996-1999 SLX (SUV, re-badged Isuzu Trooper, replaced by the MDX; only available in the United States)

1990-2005 NSX (exotic coupe, in production until 2005; revived in 2015)

1996-2012 RL (full-size sedan, discontinued after 2012 model year, replaced by the RLX)

2009-2013 ZDX (crossover SUV)

1996-2014 TL (mid-size sports sedan, replaced by the TLX)

2003-2014 TSX (compact sports sedan, sport wagon, replaced by the TLX)

Acura ZDX

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